Data Dashboard

The System of Care Across Tennessee (SOCAT) Data Dashboard is a tool that allows users to examine data reflecting child and adolescent mental health and wellness in Tennessee. The Data Dashboard is continuously developing product in order to provide the most current information and evaluation outcomes.

  • 24.1% of Tennessee’s children are living in poverty.
  • 39% of single parent families living with related children are living below poverty.
  • 7,681 children are in foster care in Tennessee.
  • 85,000 children in Tennessee are in the care of their grandparents.
  • 7% of youth 16 to 19 are not in school and not working in Tennessee
  • 666 youth under 21 are detained, incarcerated, or placed in residential facilities.
  • 21% of children (2-17) with a parent who reports that a doctor has told them their child has autism, developmental delays, depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, or behavioral/conduct.
  • There are 71, 216 reported child abuse victims younger than age 18.

*Data points above were pulled from Tennessee KIDS COUNT.