“SOCAT Has Saved My Life”

My name is Courtney and this is my story. You can be the judge of whether it’s a success story or not.

The old me used to not have any friends because I was mean to them. I didn’t have nothing. I used to swing on people. I was very depressed; I was mean to people, I didn’t really have anybody to talk to, or no one to go to. The old me not only thought about suicide, I even tried it. The old me spent a lot of time alone, depressed, sad, and angry. The old me felt like I had to cut myself and the old me thought that was the only way I could make myself feel better. In school, the old me got kicked out all the time, always for fighting. The old me used various substances to try to escape from my pain. Sure enough. The old me was in and out of the court system. The old me was straight up miserable.

Now the new me, is still becoming me. The new me is sober. I don’t drink no more, or use drugs. I have a handful of friends now and I am only mean to them sometimes. ☺ I have something, which is more than nothing. I have people I can talk to now. SOCAT has saved my life, helped me out, and helped make me the person I am today. I am out of the court system, and will keep it that way. The new me is not as depressed as I was, and most days are good days. Not every day is good, but SOCAT has helped me know what to do when I am having trouble coping. The new me doesn’t ever seriously think about suicide like I used to. I still spend a lot of time alone, though. The last time I cut myself was over a year ago now. And now let’s talk about school. I’ve gotten so many credits. I have 8, almost 9 credit snow since the start of this school year on August 1st. Sometimes I even do my school work at home, not just in class. I have more credits than anyone in my classroom. My teachers tell me they think of me as a leader in the classroom. I’m about to graduate, dude, and I never thought I would ever walk the link, or graduate, or even get my G.E.D. I thought I would be in prison by now.

But I am still here.

You can’t get rid of me. I work, I got to school, I am alive and I feel good.

The end, or maybe, the beginning.
Thank you for listening to my story,


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